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5500G Heavy duty tank

Dimensions: 110D x 150H
Stock #: THV05000
Regular Price: $8999.95
Clearance Price: $7099.49

The Enduraplas 5500 gallon tanks utilize a heavy duty construction (1.9sg) and a UV resistant plastic. This reduces algae growth in potable water storage, and allows the tanks to hold heavy solutions, such as sodium hypochlorite, magnesium chloride, or salt brine.

1000L IBC Cage Totes

Dimensions: 44W x 48H x 40L
Stock #: N/A
New Price: $699.95 
Recycled Price: $149.95

These cage totes have had a variety of solutions stored previously. The rinsed bottles are NOT recommended for potable water storage. Each tote includes a standard 6″ lid, and 2″ drain valve. Many applications including garden water storage, chemical transport, and mobile water transport

65G Dualline Containment Tank

Dimensions: 28D x 44H
Stock #: DW0065-28
Regular Price: $1299.95
Clearance Price: $499.49

Our Dualline Double Wall Tank’s strong, durable, quality construction is designed for the containment of all chemicals rated for contact with polyethylene. Double walled construction provides containment in the event the inner or primary tank is compromised.

900 Gallon narrow tank

Dimensions: 48D x 116H
Stock #: 41065
Regular Price: $1319.95
Clearance Price: $1069.49

This new Norwesco tall narrow vertical is a premium weight tank, rated at 1.5sg. The resin is ideal for water storage, or medium weight solutions. The narrow profile allows great capacity without a large footprint.

1620 Gallon Transport

Dimensions: 80W x 53H x 126L
Stock #: 43645
Regular Price: $3099.95
Clearance Price: $2049.49

The low profile design of this tank offers good product and system stability while maximizing capacity. The robust structure allows transport of liquids without the requirement of additional metal bands for reinforcement. The black UV resistant colour makes this tank ideal for water transport, without the concern of algae growth

3180 Gallon Transport

Dimensions: 92W x 76H x 145L
Stock #: 44429
Regular Price: $6599.95
Clearance Price: $4549.49

This heavy duty rated tank is ideal for solutions up to 1.9sg, while the ribs allow structural integrity without additional support bands. The tank can be ideal for salt brine, mag chloride, or similar solutions, as well as potable water transport. The blue colour makes viewing the volume of the remaining solution easy, and quick. 

55 Gallon HDPE Drums

Dimensions: 24D x 36H
Stock #: N/A
Recycled Price: $24.95

These barrels have had a variety of solutions stored previously. We can NOT recommend these for potable water storage. Each sealed barrels include two top 2″ ports, and can had additional drains and bulkheads added easily. Many applications including garden water storage, chemical transport, and mobile water transport


3250G Skid Mounted Tank

Stock #: FS3250++
Regular Price: $11589.95
Clearance Price: $8599.49

Our Den Hartog 3250 Gallon Elliptical tank is equipped with molded-in legs to support the tank and band locators for tie down. The unit is manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity. The Tank walls are translucent for level viewing and equipped with gallon indicators. This unit includes a robust steel skid, securing bands, and all hardware. Install and go


3500 Gallon Elliptical

Dimensions: 93w x 71H x 151L
Stock #: 54091
Regular Price: $7149.95
Clearance Price: $3499.49

Elliptical tanks are designed to provide the greatest capacity with a lower center of gravity. The tank tanks require full length bottom support. This tank has been previously modified with 5 side inlets that will be sealed prior to sale. As this tank is classified as “repaired” we do not recommend this for transport. 

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