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basket screens

Basket Screens are ideal to protect your tank against large particulate or critters gaining access to your water source. We carry stainless screens for easy cleanout, and years of service.

First Flush diverters

Used for in-line removal of sediment and bacteria that can be rinsed through rainwater collection surfaces. The diverter will collect the first amount of rainwater, and drain it away from your storage tank.

Plastic repair

The tank repair kit includes a specially formulated welding rod containing copolymers and adhesives. The kit may be used to effectively repair minor linear polyethylene tanks. Easy to use and requires only 110 volt power.

Manifold Tank Fittings

Manifold Bolted Tank Flanges are specifically designed for use Tank applications. These unique fittings require no threading, and use a gasket to seal between components.

Ball Valves

Ball Valves are available in sizes varying from 3/8″ up to 3″ using polypropylene / stainless steel materials. Options include manual, 12/24v electric, and 3-way assemblies. Interior gaskets are standard with EPDM, or optional viton. 

Bolted Tank Flange

Tank Flanges are are available in glass injected polypropylene materials and range in size from ¾” to 3”.


Camlocks are available in 3/4 and up, and are ideal for quick connections and easy installations. The EPDM gasket material inside protects and prevents any leakage of solution and product. 


Bulkheads are designed specifically for use in plastic, and are easy to install on site most anywhere on the tanks. Ranging in size from 1/2″ up to 4″ these versatile ports are the primary connection piece of any tank

Tank Lid

Tank Lids are specifically designed for use in IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) / Tank applications. Tank Lids are available in vented and non vented configurations. Tank Lids are available in glass injected polypropylene materials, and range in various sizes.

ibc Fittings

IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) fittings are unique in thread, and size. We carry many adapters, and fittings to convert, or attach to your IBC cage totes.

ANSI style

ANSI Flanges are available in a variety of sizes, and can be directly welded into the tank for better sealing, or threaded into additional bulkheads. ANSI Flanges are available in polypropylene, metal, and fibreglass materials.

BSP Thread

BSP (British Standard Pipe) Thread Tank Fittings is used in various Agriculture and Industrial liquid flow applications.

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