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We last blogged about Rainwater Harvesting back in April 2021, and a LOT has happened in British Columbia since that time. While Abbotsford typically gets an average annual rainfall of 1538mm*, in November 2021 we received 540mm!

And, if you live anywhere near the Fraser Valley, you know what happened.

We feel deeply for all those affected by the floods and feel honoured to have helped in some small way, collecting goods and raising funds for flood victims, having partnered with The Farm Store in Yarrow BC.

Mentioning the amount of rainfall is to highlight the possibilities this event held for rainwater harvesting. At Clarion Tanks we are advocates for the benefits of rainwater harvesting and how it can help the environment. Rainwater harvesting can also help in a variety of other ways.

For this blog, we would like to share with you our most recent playlist on rainwater harvesting. Our team, Jason and Stephen, discuss a number of FAQs and cover what you need to know about rainwater harvesting in the Greater Vancouver area/Fraser Valley. You can watch the entire series here, but we would like to highlight our 4th and final episode of that series for you in this blog:

Water harvesting is a simple and sustainable way to protect our planet’s natural resources and delicate ecosystems. When we use harvested rainwater, we conserve groundwater, save energy, limit the damaging effects of stormwater runoff, and bring out the best in our lawns and gardens. (Source: www.premiertechaqua.com)


When you are ready to begin with your own rainwater harvesting plans visit us online to see our pricing and availability. While you’re there Jason will likely pop on and say hello. If he is offline, and you wish to speak to one of the team, please contact Clarion Tanks at 866-255-8265. Our friendly inside sales staff will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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