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Fire suppression water tanks are an important part of any property and facility.

These tank systems offer a reliable and safe way to extinguish fires, which is vital for preventing damage from spreading and preventing injuries.

Water tank size varies depending on the needs of the building or company, but there are typically three different sizes: small (less than 500 gallons), medium (between 3000-5000 gallons), and large (more than 5000 gallons). Fire suppression water tanks can be installed in various locations – overhead, underground, inside, or outside a building. An essential consideration when choosing your location is whether it will be seen by visitors to your premises; if so then you may want to choose an area that’s less visible, such as an underground installation.

We recently have been tasked with customizing and delivering several fire suppression water tanks for our current wildfire situation in British Columbia. Here is just one example:

This is a 2,900-gallon custom elliptical fire suppression water tank that was shipped to Ashcroft for water storage for the fires they are experiencing there.

There are many options for water tanks that can be used in the event of a fire.

One option is to use metal storage containers, which are often made of aluminum or stainless. These types of tanks may not be as suitable as other materials due to location and installation.

Another option is fiberglass water tanks which offer increased durability and resistance against corrosion but also come with an increased cost due to their material makeup.

A third popular type of tank is polyethylene (PE) plastic such as those available from FireSafe Systems Incorporated (FSSI). These tanks have been shown to have significant advantages over traditional methods including lower costs, improved safety features, and greater resistance against corrosion when compared with metal or fiber

We have a wide array of sprayers and tanks specifically for fire suppression, which you can view here. Enduraplas is our main supplier for this variety of fire protection tanks. We also have vast history of custom purpose built options for those who need a bit more of specialized product.

BC’s fire season has been very bad this year and we are simply happy to be able to contribute a little bit.



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