Tanks for Tiny Homes

by | May 17, 2021 | Box Tanks

We recently had the opportunity to visit with Stattonrock Design + Build. Part of what Stattonrock does is manufacture tiny homes, and they showed us around their very impressive facilities.

“Tiny homes have evolved to include every modern convenience and an endless range of purposes.”

We spoke on the importance of tiny homes for the future of homebuyers; how economical they are and how small their ecological footprint is. It is a fascinating concept for a home, one that we hope you will explore with Stattonrock if that interests you.

How Clarion Tanks Makes Box Tanks to Fit Your Needs

In this blog, we’re going to talk about our box tanks to help you understand a little bit more easily how they work for your tiny home or other projects. These tanks are square, one-piece rotationally molded tanks that are available from 4-gallon up to 500-gallon. These heavy-duty tanks are available in black or white and made for potable water, gray water, and black water. Every tank is rotationally molded and we can cut them depending on what size you need to fit your specific application. Your tiny home or RV will need the box tanks to be fitted around a wheel well. For your boat, we can angle the box tank into the bow and create a perfect fit.

Our spin welded fittings are what are used for these box tanks and are installed without any seams or gaskets; they essentially become one piece of the tank. Every box tank that we create includes a CAD drawing to ensure that the fittings are placed in the exact location you need specific to your project.

When you need a box tank for a tiny home, RV, or boat, we hope you consider Clarion Tanks. You can chat with Jason on a webchat by visiting our website, or you can reach our store by calling 866-255-TANK (8265).



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