Norwesco Septic Tanks

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Septic Tanks

Today we are talking all about our Norwesco septic tanks at Clarion Tanks in Abbotsford, BC.

Our 300-gallon spherical pump-out tank by Norwesco is a popular model. This tank ships to us with no inlet and no outlet so it’s ideal for a pump-out septic tank at a cabin or a workshop or even a small house or a basement suite for a renter suite that is only going to use it periodically. We plumb these with four-inch inlets with sewer tees as well as four-inch outlets. This makes it easy to connect to an existing field or become part of your entire septic system. It is 250 imperial gallons or 300 US gallons and is 42 inches by 44 inches round. It’s an easy install, is nice and lightweight, and two people can lift it up into the back of a pickup and install it anytime you need.

Another one of our most common septic tank options is a 500-gallon pump-out chamber tank from Norwesco. This is a pump-out chamber or part of an existing septic field. You can put a four-inch inlet, cap the outlet, and use this as a single standalone septic tank. Or you can connect it to an existing field, by putting a four-inch outlet and have it go into another field for distribution. A single chamber compartment, this is going to be ideal for cabins that you’re staying at for the summer months or for basement suites for rent as part of a permanent structure, or just simply an addition to your existing septic tank system.

Our 1,000-gallon low profile two-chamber septic tank is our most popular piece …

… which we always have in stock. This ships with a four-inch inlet and a four-inch outlet. In between, you have a 60-40 split for distribution, so it’ll properly digest all your waste. Our 1,000-gallon tanks are nice and lightweight, two people can lift them and move them with a pickup install them at your own leisure.

Our 1,250 and 1,500-gallon low profile tanks are good for six and eight person homes that are permanent residency. These large two chamber tanks are ideal for big family homes easy to install, nice and lightweight but robust and strong enough to bury 24 inches below the surface. They come with the 4-inch in, the 4-inch out, with all the sewer tees ready to connect to your existing or new septic system.  We can supply you with the 4-inch sewer drain and the septic piping to connect to your field and we also have spec sheets so you can properly prepare your hole and get it ready for the installation.

Because these tanks are nice and lightweight, we can ship them all over. We ship quite often into the Interior, into Kamloops, Kelowna, and all the little regions around there, up to the north in Prince George and northern communities. These tanks get molded in Alberta so we can ship them very easily into Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. We also periodically ship into the United States.

Connect with us about these septic tanks, or any of our tanks we might offer, at 778-994-2107 or



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