Bulkhead vs boss fitting

by | Feb 25, 2021 | FAQ

We get asked a lot about the different features and benefits of our fittings, so today we’ll share the features and benefits of two specific fittings: the comparison between a bulkhead and a boss fitting.

Our typical bulkhead installation will have a bulkhead, a nut, and a gasket. The gasket and the bulkhead will go inside the tank, and the nut will go on the outside of the tank. This is one of our most common installation pieces and one of the most economical pieces to attach a fitting onto your plastic tank.

Some typical applications for these bulkhead fittings are for agricultural use, municipalities, and anybody who might need to change out the gaskets and fittings on a periodic basis. The gaskets we use are EPDM gaskets which are great for potable water storage and many other chemical solutions. We can also change out the gaskets for a more chemical-resistant Viton gasket or FKM, which are more versatile materials for chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, magnesium chloride and a wider array of chemical solutions.

Another one of our more common fittings are welded, or boss fittings. These fittings have a national pipe thread on the inside and are welded or formed into the tank. The boss fittings come in a variety of sizes from half-inch all the way up to four-inch and are useful because they do not need a gasket. When these fittings become formed to the tank, they become one with the tank. A typical installation on these boss fittings are for heavier solutions or chemical applications. Meaning, municipalities storing any heavy chemicals for water treatment will be more protected.

Because these boss fittings get welded to the tank, bulkhead installations can be welded very close to the seams and the bottoms of the tank, giving them a lot more versatility on where they can be actually installed. With boss fittings, unlike typical bulkhead fittings that actually have a nut that can get over tightened and cause stress on the tank, boss fittings get welded to the tank with no stress or torque on the tank whatsoever which ensures a much lower possibility of leak than typical bulkhead installations.

Feel free to connect with us about these fittings, or any of our fittings we might offer, at 778-994-2107 or https://www.clariontanks.ca.



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