How to Weld Plastic

by | Feb 8, 2021 | How To

Today we are sharing how to do 90-degree plastic weld, using two pieces of plastic as an example.

This welding job will foremostly require the proper equipment; the first welder you will use is a simple tack welder. The pieces of plastic need to be tacked in place before you can fully weld them, so they stay secure during the following steps.

In this next step, you will use the Drader welder. With this welder, the plastic pieces become even more bonded because of the thin plastic weld that comes through the welding gun tip. The Drader welder is a mid-sized welder and is good for most repairs and fabrication; This is the most common welder we use in our shop. It has multiple tips that are interchangeable, depending on the plastic you’re planning to weld.

Your next step is using the big Leister welder to permanently tack the two pieces together. The Liester welder pumps out much more welding material, to form and reinforce your weld. It’s important to note, that while welding, hold your pieces firm for 10 or 15 seconds so that they have time to cool before they separate. Also, slowly move the welding tool over the plastic sheet; If you weld too quickly the plastic will separate and your tack will not have bonded enough, or at all.

As you weld always clean the tip of the welder with a wire brush so that it stays clean, providing a good surface for it to heat your plastic. Also, always preheat the surface with the tip of the welder for five to six seconds, then you are ready to weld.

In the end you have a beautifully welded piece of plastic.



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