How to Plumb a 500G Septic Tank

by | Jan 29, 2021 | How To

In this week’s blog, we are going to show you how to plumb up this 500-gallon septic tank.

Do It Yourself is a great practice for many and a concept that is not going away any time soon, so we are happy to help participate. Be sure to follow along with the video for more detailed instructions on this DIY.

For today’s demonstration, we will be using a 500-gallon Norwesco pump-out chamber tank. Just a note, this yellow resin tank is not suitable for potable water but ideal for septic.

To start, you are going to create the inlet hole. Once you have drilled the hole (using a five and one-fourth-inch hole saw) for the four-inch grommet you will need to clean the edges of the plastic. Do this using a scraper tool to ensure you get a tight seal and prevent leaks.

Next, press the grommet into the tank, making sure you get it all the way to the final ridge. Depending on how tight it is you may need to use a screwdriver to ensure it slides all the way in. If it still causes difficulty, we recommend using a spray lubricant to help the grommet press into the plastic.

Prepare the PVC Very Carefully

Next, you are going to prepare your PVC to go inside of the tank. Both the glue and primer should never touch your skin so ensure you have your safety glasses on and that you are wearing gloves to protect yourself.

Next, take a sanitary tee and a small piece of sewer grade PVC and insert it on the bottom side. Then take a longer piece of PVC and this will be your inlet that goes on the outside of the tank. Then take some PVC primer and some PVC cement and mount the tee and the inlet together.

After this, open up the tank so that you can get the inlet pipe into the tank. We recommend using some spray lubrication just to make it slide in a little easier.

Now, from the inside of the tank, you need to plumb the tee onto the stub. Then you will do the same process on the outside, with primer and cement on both sides. Make sure you have your glasses and your gloves on!

And that’s how you plumb a 500-gallon septic tank.

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