How to Install a Bulkhead

by | Jan 5, 2021 | How To

Today our Junior Fabricator, Harry Tobin, demonstrates how to install a bulkhead using a piece of plastic as an example of how you can install the fitting into your own water tank.

A bulkhead is one of the primary pieces that we put in a lot of our projects. They come in multiple different sizes from a half-inch all the way up to four inches. A bulkhead also comes in several gasket materials which is dependant on the chemical composition of the solution inside the tank. For today we are putting in a standard two-inch bulkhead with an EPDM gasket in our piece of plastic. To choose the right size hole saw for your bulkhead you want to make sure that the bulkhead fits inside of the hole saw. You want to ensure the hole saw doesn’t go over the threads on the bulkhead.

When drilling lean the drill side to side to help the hole saw get through the plastic. Be sure to scrape the shavings using a scraper to ensure there are no rough edges. This is important for the smooth installation of the bulkhead.

The next step is installing the bulkhead fitting itself. You’ll need to put the ring on the outside of the tank, gasket on the inside of the tank, and always remember, bulkheads will be the opposite thread of what you would normally be used to. If you over tighten them they can snap, so just make sure they’re tight enough to form a seal but not too tight.

So that’s how you install a bulkhead. As always, we are here to help if you need us.

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